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The ProMinent group of companies is based in Heidelberg, Germany and for over 50 years has been manufacturing components and systems for metering liquids and solutions for water treatment and disinfection. ProMinent's success story is based on their passion for every single product and willingness to provide service at any time anywhere in the world. ProMinent's products and services are designed specifically for the storage, transfer, metering and dosing of liquid chemicals. In the tradition of German engineering, they develop and manufacture a large number of components and complete solutions: chemical storage tanks, chemical transfer pumps, metering pumps, measuring, control and sensor technology and complete metering systems.
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A globally recognised and respected supplier of industrial instrumentation, Flowline designs, manufactures and markets level measurement and control solutions for chemical, water and wastewater applications. We enable industrial manufacturers and municipalities to safely and efficiently manage their contained liquid assets. Our quality solutions automate tank processes, protect the environment and ensure workplace safety.
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Chorine Analysers, Ozone Analysers, Turbidity Meters, and Total Chlorine Residual Analyzers and Process Monitors are amongst the latest instruments to be launched by Process Instruments (UK) Ltd. a global supplier of online analytical instrumentation
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Since 1980 Fox have produced a complete range of hydropneumatic accumulators/pulsation dampers, electromechanical pressure switches, vacuum switches, level gauges for tanks and flow indicators. Fox export their products worldwide.
Scaletron Scaletron
Scaletron is a leading manufacturer of corrosion resistant electronic digital and mechanical scales and accessories. Our scales are designed for weighing and monitoring the usage of corrosive chemicals and/or materials in water treatment, wastewater treatment and industrial applications. We offer a complete line of scales including 150 lb. Cylinder and Ton Cylinder Scales; Drum Scales; Tank and Platform Scales; IBC Tote Scales and Spill Containment Scales. Scales feature a low profile platform design, capacities from 30 lbs. to 30,000 lbs., and a five (5) year warranty.
Foxcroft Foxcroft
Foxcroft has manufactured reliable fixed gas detectors to sense and alert you to toxic gas leaks or low oxygen levels in your environment since 1993.
Primary Fluid Systems Primary Fluid Systems
Specializing in the manufacture of Metering Pump Accessories since 1991.
Accudraw, graduated calibration cylinders in PP, PVC and Glass construction.
Accu-Pulse pulsation dampeners, available in several sizes and materials of construction to meet most chemical applications.
Accu-Vent, an automatic degassing valve, designed to vent gases that cause vapor lock in metering pumps.
PFS Injection Quills & Corporation Stops, ideal for the injection of chemical into the center stream of the process.
TOP VALVE, back presure and pressure relief valves, in PVC, PP, CPVC, TFE, PVDF, 316 S/S, Hastelloy C and Alloy 20.
ChlorGuard ChlorGuard
Global chlorine safety solutions, the natural choice for toxic gas auto shutdown systems
Aquafides Aquafides
AQUAFIDES has accumulated decades of experience in the fields of water treatment, UV disinfection, KATADYN MF Filters, and Electro Katadyn. Streamlined UV reactors, electrical engineering, and software reflecting the state of the art as well as an attractive industrial design round off the range of AQUAFIDES products.
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ASV Stübbe is an international manufacturer of pumps, valves and instrumentation systems made of thermoplastics. Our products can be found in many demanding applications in environmental, surface treatment, chemical plant and metallurgy industries.
As a system supplier with over 50 years of industrial experience we deliver reliable solutions for the handling of aggressive and corrosive liquids and gases.
Doseuro are an expert manufacturer of solenoid, hydraulic diaphragm, piston plunger, mechanical diaphragm and positive displacement dosing pumps, as well as various electronic mixers (agitators.)
Doseuro products are used in many industries, including but not limited to paper production, water and wastewater treatment, chemicals and dyestuffs, biofuel, leisure and agriculture.
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When you purchase a SUPERIOR chlorinators Chemical Feed System, you will be getting the best, most technologically advanced product on the market…at any price. But that’s not all you get, you will be getting an entire organization, Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc., which is devoted to a single purpose… customer satisfaction. We promise that all of our energies and talents will be constantly utilized to keep SUPERIOR chlorinators on the cutting edge of technology so that you can always be assured of the highest possible quality in design and materials.
RealTech RealTech
Real Tech Inc. is shining light on water quality. Incorporated in 2004, we are dedicated to providing high quality UV photometric and spectroscopic analytical instrumentation for the water and wastewater industry. We focus on developing technology innovations that can provide practical, accurate and affordable water quality solutions.


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