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Chemical Dosing and UV Spares

UV Disinfection Lamps

Chemical Feed Solutions stock UV lamps for most water & wastewater treatment UV systems including Wedeco, Trojan, Berson, Hanovia & Siemens to name a few.

Stubbe Pressure Relief & Sustaining Valves

Stubbe Thermoplastic valves are used for pressure relief, overflow or bypass. They are sensitive and accurate enough to be used as an upstream pressure sustaining valve or back pressure regulator. UPVC body, PTFE coated diaphragm, EPDM or FPM seat & seals, true union style body with solvent weld ends to BS/Ansi dimensions - rated 10 bar

Pulsation Dampeners

A Pulsation Dampener is an accumulator with a set pre-charge that absorbs system shocks while minimising pulsations, pipe vibration, water hammering and pressure fluctuations. By minimizing pulsation in the system components like regulators, solenoids, sensors and pumps will see decreased wear and have longer life. Pulsation dampeners are tied directly onto the discharge manifold or plumbed immediately downstream of the pump.

Calibration Cylinders

Pump calibration cylinders and dose timers provide an easy method for determining pump flowrate using industry standard graduations of milliliters/minute.

Chemical Injection Lance and Quills

Our chemical injection lance & quills have been developed to allow chemical injection into the center stream of the flow. This ensures the dispersion of chemical in a more uniform manner, providing for a more homogenous mix in the pipeline.





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