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Chempoly Series P - Automatic Powder Polymer Makeup System

The Chempoly Series P range of Polymer Makeup Plants produce from 300 to 3000 L/hr of polyelectrolyte solution at constant solution strength from powder stock. Their compact design in Stainless Steel AISI 304 includes all necessary controls for water make up and powder feed and incorporates the following equipment and features as standard:

  • Dissolution, dilution and ageing tanks
  • Stainless Steel wetting cone and separate Eductor
  • Pressure Transducer Level Control
  • Powder Feeder speed control via VSD.
  • PLC controlled with polymer makeup setpoint inputted at the HMI.
  • Can be supplied with optional vacuum loading system.
  • Standard Scada/plant interface via RS485/232 or Ethernet
  • Hopper heater
  • Inlet flowmeter & flow regulating valve.
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