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Polymore Metering System

Capacity range of up to 18,000 l/h

The POLYMORE in-line batching station creates homogeneous and ready-to-use polymer solutions.

The POLYMORE metering system is an inline polymer preparation system for processing liquid polymers. The unit was designed for wall-mounting and requires little space. Only water, liquid polymer and supply voltage need to be connected to the unit for commissioning. If the maturing time is not sufficient for certain applications, a maturing tank with stirrer and metering pump can be fitted downstream.

Features & Benefits

  • Peristaltic pump for metering liquid polymer
  • Water apparatus includes pressure reducer and solenoid valve
  • Pre-dilution unit with static mixer and manometer
  • Controller for the automated control of the device. Manual or 4-20 mA control of the peristaltic pump
  • Wall-mounted: saves space
PDF Click here to download the Polymore Metering System brochure


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