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ProMinent provides water treatment solutions for public and private swimming pools. Firstly, chlorine-based processes and secondly, UV or ozone systems, which minimise the by-products resulting from chlorine disinfection. The smell of chlorine associated with swimming pools is finally eliminated and swimming becomes enjoyable. Alongside our mature technology, it is the extensive competence of our experts which makes ProMinent an ideal partner for the optimum treatment of swimming pool water.

Swimming Pool Control & Equipment

ProMinent ProCal Granular Calcium Hypochlorite Feeder

The ProMinent ProCal series system generates a dilute Calcium Hypochlorite solution from granulated dry chemical.

Measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® 3

The measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® 3 is your digital link to the technology of the future. It controls the entire range of swimming pools – from adventure pools to private pools. The system is operated using the large 7” touch display.


The DULCOMARIN® II measuring and control system manages your entire swimming pool from water treatment to filter control





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