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UV radiation is a safe, chemical-free and reliable method of disinfection in modern water treatment. ProMinent Dulcodes® UV systems exploit the safety and reliability of UV disinfection in a wide range of applications. Scientific research and the many systems successfully in operation prove that UV is ideally suited to water disinfection.

The advantages of UV treatment

Immediate and safe disinfection without the addition of chemicals. This results in highly effective disinfection regardless of the pH value. No undesirable substances are formed. The odour and taste of the water are not impaired. There is no need to store and handle chemicals. No reaction vessel or reaction tanks are required. A ProMinent UV system takes up very little space and keeps investment and operating costs low while delivering exceptional reliability and performance.

UV Disinfection Systems

ProMinent® UV System Dulcodes LP Certified Low Pressure UV System

The ProMinent Dulcodes LP for potable water disinfection, comprehensively certified to internationally-recognised DVGW / ÖNORM / SVGW / ACS / UVDGM standards. Pioneering water treatment - highly efficient by Vario-Flux lamps with dynamic lamp heating.

ProMinent® UV System Dulcodes MP - Medium Pressure

The UV system Dulcodes MP is used for the efficient breakdown of combined chlorine in swimming pools, eliminating the typical swimming pool odour: no more irritation for eyes, nose and skin. Apart from improving the water quality, the lower investment costs and high fresh water and energy consumption savings result in shorter payback times.

ProMinent® UV System Dulcodes LP - Low Pressure

The unique UV systems Dulcodes LP are synonymous with pioneering water treatment – efficient and free of chemicals.

ProMinent® UV System Dulcodes LP-PE Plastic

Disinfection of saline sea water or thermal water with corrosion resistant reactor the UV system Dulcodes LP-PE. The UV system consists of a reactor and a UV sensor made of highly UV-resistant plastic.





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