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Tomal Metering Systems

The Tomal PolyRex is a turn-key automatic machine for batch-wise preparation of powdered and liquid polymers.

The PolyRex range provides a wide range of capacities and custom made options. A proven design with thousands of units in use Worldwide.

ProMinent® diaLog DACa

The ProMinent® diaLog DACa has been developed to continually measure and control water quality paramaters.

Sensors from 14 freely selectable measured variables (including Free Chlorine) can be connected per channel. This coupled with upto 2 PID outputs makes this the goto analyser for all your water treatment needs.

ProMinent® Gamma X

Solenoid Driven Metering Pump - Capacity range 2.3 ml/h – 45 l/h, 25 – 2 bar

The Gamma X, ProMinents new controlled solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump, is well ahead of its time. The ingenious pump measures its back pressure and protects the system from overload. This technology means that operating safety can be significantly increased whilst at the same time optimising dosing accuracy.

Chemical Bulk Storage Tanks

Self Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks - with options for either HDPE or PVC/GRP construction

Chemfeeds HSNO certified ChemTank Self Bunded Storage Tanks range from 1,000L to 20,000L working volume. Offering a large reduction in civil costs, these Self-Bunded Tanks negate costly concrete bunding and are not subject to rainwater ingress.

Chlorine Gas Alarm

Hydro GA-180 Chlorine Battery Backed Gas Leak Detector / Gas Alarm

The Hydro fixed gas detector can alert you to toxic gas leaks before they develop into dangerous emergencies using maintenance free electrochemical sensing technology. Battery backup as standard meaning 24/7 monitoring continues in the event of a power failure.

Chlorine Shutdown System

Chemical Feed Solutions ChemGuard chlorine shutdown system is designed to automatically close your gas chlorine drum or bottle in the event of a gas leak.

Designed to the latest AS/NZS 2927:2001 standards it will ensure an immediate secure shutdown protecting personnel, equipment and the environment from toxic gases and ensure compliance with Health & Safety standards.

Online Turbidity Analysers

Process Instruments TurbSense® Low Range Online Turbidity Monitor

True online turbidity and/or suspended solids in water, using a nephelometric measurement of scattered light in accordance with ISO 7027. The TurbSense® sensor uses LED optical technology to provide an extremely stable, accurate, low maintenance sensor

Chemical Tank Level Sensor

Flowline’s proprietary Reflective Technology™ that delivers reliable level measurement in condensing environments.

At the core of Reflective Technology™ is a simple fact. Unlike flat horizontal surfaces, water droplets cannot adhere to smooth vertical surfaces. By orienting the transducer vertically, condensation runs off the transducer and does not affect sensor performance.

Coagulant Control

Streaming Current Controller for optimising coagulant or polymer dosing

Chemfeeds Streaming Current Monitor uses streaming current measurement to detect and control the level of residual coagulant. The objective is to keep this residual at a minimum while maintaining desired final water quality and process efficiency.


Chemical Feed Solutions Ltd specialise in providing premium products and services to the Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Swimming Pool and Dairy Industries.

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Guaranteed results

Guaranteed results

Chemfeed offers industry leading guarantees and warranties - this is based on cutting edge technologies and dedicated professional factory trained staff, committed to excellence.

Our suppliers offer specialist equipment and first rate deliveries to guarantee customer satisfaction.

We build to your needs

We build to your needs

Custom building Package Plants to our client’s specifications is just one of our strengths. Each product is individually tested before dispatch, ensuring hassle free start up and continued operation.

All our products require the most minimal maintenance requirements, meaning significantly reduced overall ownership costs to our customers.

Trusted & proven systems

Trusted & proven systems

Chemfeed offers a mix of the latest proven technology from around the world from the likes of ProMinent, Process Instruments and Wallace & Tiernan to name a few.

Chemfeed design & manufacture quality New Zealand built package plants, chemical tanks, dosing skids and control panels.

Case Study

Huntly Water Treatment Plant Chemical Upgrade - Waikato District Council

Waikato District Council needed larger chemical dosing tanks and standby chemical dosing pumps
Case Study

Queenstown Lakes District Chlorine System - Veolia Water

The purpose of the Queenstown Lakes District Council chlorine and ancillary equipment upgrade was to improve the chlorination control process at all of the water treatment plants in the Queenstown and Wanaka districts.
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