AX23 Smart Trak with Compact Level Controller


The general purpose level switch package provides automatic tank filling or emptying up to 10' (3m) between two adjustable level switch points. The compact level controller with optional strobe provides one latching 16A relay for pump or valve control. Offered in three level sensor technologies, select the type based upon your application media. This polypropylene liquid level switch package is widely selected for sump, process and day tank level applications.


10' (3m)

Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Broadly applied in chemicals and light weight oils Available in Ryton®

Vibration Level Sensor

Applied in wastewater with light coating or scaling Available in PP or PFA

Buoyancy Level Sensor

Applied in clean water and non-coating chemicals Available in PP or PVDF


  • Fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0-60 second delay
  • Offered in 3 sensing technologies for broad application coverage: ultrasonic, vibration & buoyancy
  • Easy setup with LED indicators for sensor, power and relay status
  • Rugged polypropylene construction for use in corrosive liquid environments
  • Adjustable level switch cars enable sensor adjustment in the field
  • Invert switch changes relay state from NO to NC without rewiring
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