Bulk Bag Sodium Silicofluoride (SSF) Feeder System


Plant Size > 40 ML/day. The ProMinent Silicofluoride Bulk Bag Preparation and Transfer System is variable concentration, constant transfer system; designed to maintain a constant level of fluoride in the fresh water being processed by the water treatment plant. 


  • Typical Installation > 40 ML/day
  • A minimum 1.5m³, Stainless Steel Chemical Storage Hopper to allow one full sodium silicofluoride bag to be stored +20% ullage. The Chemical Storage Hopper will be supported on a Mild Steel, primed and painted frame or 304 Stainless. 
  • The Chemical Storage Hopper will come with an inspection hatch and fitted with a sight glass located in a high and low level position, four pad heaters; and two mechanical vibrators. 
  • The Chemical Storage Hopper will have four load cells. These load cells provide signals to a load cell amplifier that allows for the setting of all the control and alarm levels; and has a 4 - 20 mA signal for retransmit to the Water Treatment Plant SCADA system (by others).  
  • The Bulk Bag Unloader comes with a Bulk Bag Dust Collection System. This system receives air from the dual tele-tube with a vacuum connection for greater safety and; the intermediate chemical storage hopper. This will be vented into a common vent trap located either outside or inside the plant room. 
PDF Click here to download the Bulk Bag SSF Flyer


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