Chemical Storage Tanks & Bunds


ChemTank Chemical Storage Tanks & Bunds are individually designed to suit your application and site. They are suitable for both storage and process applications including mixing, blending, dilution and elevated temperature operation. With certified tanks designs up to 25,000L Chemfeed will have a suitable size tank for your requirements.

Your Benefits

  • ChemTank tanks are compliant with New Zealand Worksafe Stationary Chemical tank requirements
  • All tanks are designed with seismic restraints suitable for the different seismic loading zones in New Zealand.
  • Tank working capacities upto 25,000L
  • Bunds designed to give 110% of the Chemical Tank Capacity
  • Suitable for long term storage of most Class 5, 6, 8 and 9 Hazardous Substances
  • PVC,PP, PE & FRP ChemTanks available depending on the chemical stored.
  • The inlet, outlet, overflow, vent and access hatch come as standard accessories on the ChemTank range
  • 25 year standard design life
PDF Click here to download the Single Skin ChemTank Brochure


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