Controller AEGIS X


Extremely flexible for extremely large cooling systems.

AEGIS X is a controller for treating cooling water in cooling towers and boilers.

In order to optimise the cooling process and prevent biological growth, deposits and corrosion, the controller continuously monitors the electrolytic conductivity and controls bleeding. Biocide metering based on time or measured values prevents contamination in the cooling tower.

With up to two satellite units, AEGIS X monitors and controls several cooling towers at the same time. The combination of main and satellite unit ensures truly excellent flexibility. This makes the controller perfectly suited to large cooling systems with many parameters, including corrosion.

Thanks to the large number of communication options, the cooling tower can be remotely controlled with ease. An individually adaptable web server makes simple management, tracking and data visualisation possible.

Your Benefits:

  • Up to two satellite units can be added for additional inputs and outputs, allowing more sensors and pumps to be connected.
  •  Intuitive operation via the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) thanks to a clearly legible industrial display and robust keys for standard commands, such as calibration and monitoring.
  • The adaptable web server permits simple configuration of process settings as well as monitoring and visualisation of process data.
  • Extensive overview and control of the cooling tower processes: All process data and alarms can be communicated to the process control system via fieldbuses such as Modbus RTU.
  • Advanced communication options: Various network protocols such as FTP or MQTT enable remote access and data management via Wi-Fi and LAN (Ethernet).
  • Advanced calculations, such as cost calculation for managing chemicals.
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