Controller DULCOMETER D1Cb/D1Cc


The water analysis workhorse

The D1Cb/D1Cc controller is a 1-channel P/PID controller for the measured variables. The physical variables to be determined by measuring pH, ORP, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorite, ozone, bromine, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, fluoride, dissolved oxygen and conductivity via mA. The sensors for pH and ORP can be directly connected via coaxial cable or using the 4-20 mA sensor input. The controller can bidirectionally control the measured variables, monitor limit values and transmit the measured value via an mA output, e.g. to a PLC Programmable Logic Controller. The mA output can optionally also be configured as an interference variable output. The controller has two pulse frequency outputs to control two metering pumps (raise and lower). Two output relays can optionally be used as limit value relays or to control motor-driven pumps or solenoid valves. An alarm relay signals the occurrence of a fault. A digital input is used to switch off the control or to process a sample water limit contact by remote control. The impact of temperature on the measurements can be provided by temperature measurement or by manual input. Menu-driven operation is possible in 20 languages.
  • Flexibility through free selection of variables from all measured variables
  • Safety through sensor monitoring of pH for glass breakage and line breakage
  • Flexibly upgradable, thanks to subsequent activation option of functions by means of an activation code
  • Various installation options: wall-mounted or installation in a control cabinet
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