DULCODOS ULla (Inline System Liquid)


Metering system specifically designed for the batching of a fully activated liquid polymer solution. 

The polymer preparation system DULCODOS ULIa is an inline system and processes liquid polymers to produce a fully activated solution. It is ideally equipped for your application with integrated mixing and maturing chamber and a novel peristaltic metering pump.

The compact inline preparation station DULCODOS ULla features a special mixing chamber in which liquid polymer is added by peristaltic or metering pumps. Optimum mixing with water produces a fully activated polymer solution with a maturing time of approx. 15min in the maturing chamber.

The concentration of the polymer solution can be easily adjusted on the touch panel. Continuous polymer preparation output in l/h can be specified as an option. The polymer preparation system works reliably and conserves resources thanks to its optimum process control. 

Your Benefits:

  • Precise processing of liquid polymers (0.05 - 1.0%) with a 50% active ingredient
  • Highly efficient mixing and maturing chamber for emulsions/dispersions and water
  • Operator-managed input of the concentration with proportional metering
  • Compact design with various installation options
  • Optional operator-managed specification of the polymer preparation output in l/h
  • System runs directly against a 4.5 bar pressure, there is no need for a chemical transfer pump
PDF Click here to download the Metering System DULCODOS ULla (Inline System Liquid) brochure



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