DULCOTEST Fluoride Sensors


Reliable online measurement of fluoride – with DULCOTEST sensors

In some countries fluoride is monitored when added to potable water, but also generally during the treatment of industrial waste water, e.g. in the semiconductor industry and electroplating.

Our product line of DULCOTEST fluoride sensors provides two types of sensor, optimised for these applications.

The sensor consists of a fluoride transducer, the connectable transducer of a reference electrode and a separate temperature measuring unit. The sensor is based on the potentiometric measuring principle with the help of an ion-selective electrode (ISE) and a reference electrode.

The measuring point is available fully mounted on our measuring and control system DULCOTROL with the sensor fitting and controller DULCOMETER diaLog DACb.

Your Benefits:

  • Precise, real-time potentiometric measurement for efficient process control (short response time)
  • Can be used up to a pH of 9.5
  • Selective LaF3 crystal eliminates faults caused by cross sensitivities
  • Rapid external temperature compensation eliminates faults caused by influence of temperature
  • Potentiometric principle prevents faults caused by flow changes
  • Potentiometric measuring principle enables quick commissioning
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