DULCOTEST Sensors for Bromine


Reliable online measurement of bromine – with DULCOTEST sensors

Bromine compounds are an increasingly popular alternative to chlorine compounds in water disinfection in spite of the higher costs of the reagents.

Bromine has a number of advantages over chlorine compounds when it comes to disinfection:

  • Greater disinfectant effect at higher pH values
  • Lower volatility at higher temperatures
  • Less tendency to corrosion
  • Bromine compounds that have finished reacting (combined bromine) produce less odour and irritation of the mucous membranes

Our product line of DULCOTEST bromine sensors provides three types of sensor for your measurement tasks.

Sensor types CBR1-mA and BCR 1-mA are resistant to contaminated water and are designed for the treatment of cooling water. Type CBR1 is specifically designed for free bromine from inorganic bromination processes, e.g. sodium bromide + sodium-calcium hypochlorite, or the use of BrCl.

Sensor type BCR-mA is optimised for the measurement of organic bromination agents (e.g. BCDMH).

Sensor type BRE3-CAN is available for the treatment of swimming pool water with BCDMH.

Your Benefits:

  • Precise, real-time amperometric measurement for efficient process control (short response time)
  • Suitable for wide range of water qualities (contamination, pH, salinity, temperature)
  • Amperometric measuring means no clouding or discolouration
  • Stable zero point means no drift
  • Integrated temperature compensation eliminates faults caused by influence of temperature
  • Diaphragm-covered electrodes for reduced dependence on flow, substances in water and film-forming media

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