DULCOTEST Sensors for Free Chlorine


Reliable online measurement of free (effective) chlorine – with the versatile DULCOTEST® sensors.

Free chlorine is the most important disinfectant in the world. This term is used to refer to the compounds Cl2 (elementary chlorine), HOCl (hypochlorous acid) and OCl- (hypochlorite). Our product line of DULCOTEST® sensors for free chlorine provides five product ranges optimised for different applications. Each product range consists of several types with different measuring ranges.

The proven diaphragm-covered standard sensor for free chlorine CLE3 is used to monitor or control all types of clear water, for example in the disinfection of potable water. The variant CLE3.1 is especially suitable for an excess of combined chlorine, providing the most accurate results in the calculation of combined chlorine from the measurement of total chlorine and free chlorine.

Sensors CLB2 and CLB3 are easy-to-operate, low-cost chlorine sensors without a diaphragm for clear water without pollution.

Sensor CLO1 is particularly suitable for in-line electrolysis processes where unwanted compounds may be formed; sensor CLO2 is also ideal for hot water disinfection.

Sensor CBR1 can be used in contaminated water, even for high pH values of up to 9.5, for example in the disinfection of cooling water.

Sensor CLR1 has been optimised for the disinfection or washing of foodstuffs and tolerates contaminated water and chlorine concentrations of up to 1,000 mg/l.

Your Benefits:

  • Five different sensor ranges and numerous different versions deliver the following benefits: Use with a wide range of water qualities (pH, salt content, temperature, chemical and contamination load), use in combination with many disinfection processes: chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, electrolysis, use in a wide measuring range of 0.001 to 1,000 mg/l.
  • Precise, real-time amperometric measurement for efficient process control (short response time)
  • Amperometric measuring means no clouding or discolouration
  • Stable zero point 
  • Integrated temperature compensation eliminates faults caused by influence of temperature
  • For sensors with diaphragm-covered measuring electrodes: Reduced dependence on flow, substances in water and film-forming media. Diaphragm-covered measuring electrodes embedded in an electrolyte ensure long service life. This maintains optimum measuring conditions regardless of process conditions. Low-cost maintenance thanks to easy diaphragm cap changes.

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