DULCOTEST Sensors for Hydrogen Peroxide


Reliable online measurement of hydrogen peroxide – with DULCOTEST sensors.

You have the choice of three types of sensor for applications with different requirements with our DULCOTEST hydrogen peroxide sensors PER1, PEROX and PEROX H 3E.

The sensor PER1-mA is resistant to contaminated water and can be used in water up to a temperature of 50°C. As a compact sensor with integrated transducer and temperature correction, it has a measuring range of up to 100,000 mg/l.

The PEROX type sensor has no cross-sensitivity to chlorine and with its rapid response time and separate temperature measurement, it can be used to control fast processes in clear water, even with the intermittent absence of hydrogen peroxide.

The sensor type PEROX H 3E with integrated transducer and 3-electrode system has the benefits of type PEROX and can also be used in moderately contaminated water in addition to reliable measurement above 0.2 ppm H2O2.

Your Benefits:

  • Precise, real-time amperometric measurement for efficient process control (short response time)
  • Amperometric measuring means no turbidity or discolouration
  • Stable zero point means no drift
  • Temperature compensation eliminates faults caused by the influence of temperature
  • Diaphragm-covered electrodes for reduced dependence on flow and cross-sensitivities
  • Short run in period for quick commissioning
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