DULCOTEST Sensors for Total Available Chlorine


Reliable online measurement of total available chlorine – with DULCOTEST® sensors.

Total available chlorine is also known as "stabilised chlorine" and is used to prevent premature decomposition by sunlight in the disinfection of swimming pool water, particularly in outdoor pools. This mainly includes compounds such as derivatives of tri-chloro(iso)cyanuric acid. After it has been metered into the water to be treated, it forms free chlorine and also (iso)cyanuric acid containing chlorine. The sensor measures both compounds, which are designated as total available chlorine.

The innovative diaphragm-covered DULCOTEST® sensor for total available chlorine CGE3 is optimised for the control of the disinfection of swimming pool water with derivatives of chloro(iso)cyanuric acid. The sensor can also be used simultaneously with in-line chlorine electrolysis processes without disturbance from the by-products generated.

Your Benefits:

  • Sensors for total available chlorine, also suitable for the combination of in-line electrolysis with derivatives of chloro(iso)cyanuric acid
  • Can also be used as a sensor for free chlorine without interference with the presence of cyanuric acid
  • Precise, real-time amperometric measurement for efficient process control (short response time)
  • Amperometric measuring means no turbidity or discolouration
  • Stable zero point
  • Integrated temperature compensation eliminates faults caused by influence of temperature

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