DULCOTEST sensors for dissolved oxygen


Reliable online measurement of dissolved oxygen – with DULCOTEST sensors

The measured variable "dissolved oxygen" indicates the volume of gaseous oxygen physically dissolved in the aqueous phase in mg/l (ppm) or the oxygen saturation of water in %. The new type DO 3 is based on visual measurement of fluorescence and can be connected to the process in an immersion pipe or in a flow fitting. It can be used to monitor water rich in oxygen, such as surface water, potable water as well as for the control of the aeration of aeration tanks in clarification plants.

Your Benefits:

  • Efficient process management by precise online measurement in real-time
  • A wide range of optimised connections of the sensors to the process
  • Minimal maintenance due to visual measuring principle with type DO 3
  • Maximum measuring sensitivity due to amperometric measuring principle with type DO 2
  • Integrated temperature measurement (Pt 1000) compensates for the influence of temperature
  • Diaphragm-covered electrodes for reduced dependence on flow and cross-sensitivities
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