FLUX Eccentric worm-drive pumps


FLUX eccentric worm-drive pumps are suitable for pumping thin to high-viscosity fluids. The displacement pumps work with low turbulence at a constant pressure and provide for a gentle and pulsation-free operation. Whereas the series 550 pumps are used in the industrial sector the series 560 is especially configured for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. All pumps can be used mobile and stationary, are made of only a few components and easy to disassemble.

There is a choice of versions for immersing in the material and for installing outside the container; versions with explosion protection, 3A certification and FLUX FOOD pumps (Directive (EC) 1935/2004 and FDA CFR 21 compliant). For connection of the motor there is a choice between bearing flange (S) and gear (GS). For pumping especially high-viscosity media there are drum emptying systems with eccentric worm-drive pumps available. 

Overview Eccentric worm-drive pumps:

Flux Eccentric worm-drive pumps type F 550 and type F 560 are designed for a wide range of applications and are available in two versions: Eccentric worm-drive pumps type F 550 for industrial applications and type 560 for pharma, food and cosmetic applications.

Both pump types are also available in the following versions:

  • In robust version with bearing flange type F 550/560 S for media up to max. 80.000 mPas
  • In lightweight and easy-to-handle version with planetary gear type F 550/560 GS for media up max. 30.000 mPas
  • In Horizontal version F 550/560 TR for viscous media up to max 50.000mPas.

What are the special features of FLUX Eccentric worm-drive pumps?

FLUX high viscosity liquid pumps have been tried and tested in numerous industrial sectors around the world. Three pump designs are available in differing models to meet every requirement for transferring thin to high viscosity media.

All models are easy to operate and maintain. Naturally, they all carry the advanced design and safety features that users expect from FLUX. For more than 70 years we have manufactured innovative, high-quality products. Operators readily acknowledge the performance of our powerful and extremely reliable pumps.

Benefits of Eccentric worm-drive pumps:

  • High output of 30 l/min or 50 l/min
  • Wide range of viscosity can be covered
  • Smooth pumping of thick, shear-sensitive and hardly flowable media
  • Also sensitive media and solid components can be pumped optimal for viscous self-flowing media
  • Also suitable for media shear-sensitive
  • Transfer at constant pressure
  • Can be adjusted individually on the media's characteristics
  • Flow rate adjustable (in combination with frequency-controlled three-phase motor)
  • Flow rate easy to calculate
  • Pump can dismantled
  • Efficient use of medium
  • High efficiency
  • Also with 3A certificate
  • Explosion-protection version available


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