Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump Evolution mikro


For the smallest quantities at the highest pressures

With a capacity range of 0.02 – 18 l/h at pressures of up to 400 bar, the hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps Evolution mikro EMFa and EMHa are extremely suitable for ultra-precise micro-metering in gas metering and filling processes of all kinds. They are also used for additive metering in oil, gas and chemical applications, etc.
The Evolution mikro is the first of its kind with an electronically regulated direct power end. It can be ideally adapted to the respective application, thanks to an adjustment range of 1:200 and the combination of individually independent metering profiles
with 3-parameter control.

Your Benefits

  • Precise micro-metering at high pressures
  • Hermetically sealed by PTFE multi-layer safety diaphragm or metal diaphragm
  • Long service life thanks to its sturdy construction with low-wear, contact-less power end
  • High positional accuracy guarantees reproducibility of better than ±1%
  • Seriously extended adjustment range of up to 1:200
  • Universally controllable with electronically integrated overload protection
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