Lovibond MD 110 Chlorine, pH, Cyanuric acid, tablet reagents


Photometer with Bluetooth® Technology.


  • Bluetooth® - Interface
  • Scroll Memory
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Calibration mode indicator

Bluetooth® function: All MD 110 photometers have a Bluetooth®  function. To make the most of it, Tintometer offers an app for mobile devices as well as PC software with dongle.

The measurement results are transmitted to external devices via the Bluetooth® interface for quick evaluation and processing so that all data can be evaluated and assigned directly on site. 


  • Waterproof Design: The IP 68 design of this instrument ensures that the MD 110 remains water tight for up to 1 hour at 0.1 meter. Don't worry about dropping the instrument into a body of water - it floats!
  • Accurate, Reproducible Results: The optical system of the MD 110 utilizes LEDs and interface filters which quickly gives you results that you can be confident in. 
  • User Calibration Mode: A one-point calibration is possible. Additionally, all MD 110 instruments have the ability to display readings directly in ABS or %T units.
  • One-time-zero function: Don't waste time waiting for your instrument to Zero after each test. When testing a new sample, zero the instrument once and all subsequent tests of that sample do not require you to re-zero the instrument. 
  • Automatic Data Storage with Transfer Capabilities: The MD automatically stores the last 16 readings with time and date stamp. These results can be transferred to a spreadsheet using the IRiM accessory. 
  • Ergonomic Design: Whether you're using the MD 110 out in the field or in the lab, the design of the instrument, makes it easy to handle and view the display. If you're using the instrument in the lab, the rubber feet on the bottom of the housing eliminates the need to two hand operation or to chase your instrument around the workbench.
  • Factory Programmed: All MD 110 instruments are supplied ready to use with up to 14 calibration curves. All you need to do is select the test you need, prepare your sample and test!
  • Scroll Driven Menu System: The simple interface allows you to quickly reach the test you need. When the instrument is turned on, it will automatically display the last test used.
  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty 

Technical Data:

  • Optics: LEDs, interference filters (IF) and photo sensor in transparent sample chamber. Depending on the version, u specifications of interference filters: 
    430 nm Δλ = 5 nm
    530 nm Δλ = 5 nm
    560 nm Δλ = 5 nm
    580 nm Δλ = 5 nm
    610 nm Δλ = 6 nm
    660 nm Δλ = 5 nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy: ± 1
  • Photometric Range: -2500 - 2500 mAbs
  • Suitable Vials: Round Cuvettes 24 mm
  • Display: backlit LCD (on keypress)
  • Interfaces: Bluetooth
  • Operation: Foil keypad
  • Calibration: Factory calibration and user calibration. Reset to factory calibration possible
  • Internal Storage: Internal ring memory for 125 data sets
  • Power Supply: 4 micro batteries (AAA)
  • Battery Life Time: Approx. 17 hours
  • Clock: Real Time Clock and Date
  • Portability: Portable
  • Environmental conditions: Temperature: 5 - 40°C rel. humidity: 30 - 90 % (non condensing)
  • Protection Class: IP 68
  • Compliance: CE
  • Dimensions: 155 x 75 x 35 mm
PDF Click here to download the Lovibond MD 110 Chlorine, pH Flyer


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