Measuring and control system DULCOMARIN 3


New features and functions – one big step for DULCOMARIN, one gigantic step for your pool system. 

The measuring and control system DULCOMARIN 3 is a reliable system for the treatment of swimming pool water. The intuitive menu guidance is also supported by videos which show step-by-step calibration of the sensors.

You can operate the DULCOMARIN 3 using the systems touch display or remotely online. This connects you to your DULCOMARIN 3 using your smartphone or any other Internet-compatible end device (VNC app needed). This allows you to control other features such as lighting, circulating pumps and filter backwash. The system can be extended at any time to meet future requirements. Chemicals are metered precisely according to demand based on measured values, reducing ongoing energy costs and saving chemicals.

The DULCOMARIN 3 Global Unit is the central element of the measuring and control system. All the information relating to the individual pools and associated control circuits is collated here. Use the DULCOMARIN 3 Compact version for one filtration circuit, and the Global Unit, which can display up to 16 Local Units for multi-pool systems with up to 16 filtration circuits. Networking is provided by the LAN-based cNet.

The DULCOMARIN 3 can be connected as standard via Modbus RTU and corresponding gateways to a PLC or building bus system.

Your Benefits

  • Energy and cost-efficient control of your swimming pool
  • The DULCOMARIN 3 can be accessed from any internet-compatible device (VNC app needed)
  • Simple calibration of the sensors with video support
  • Status messages and alarm by e-mail
  • View and assess the time-based course of the measured values of all pools on the built-in screen writer
  • Simple, unrestricted LAN connection – like in your home network
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