ProMinent 5-250 Sodium Fluoride Saturator System


ProMinent’s 5-250 sodium fluoride saturator 

The ProMinent® 5kg Bottle Loader Sodium Fluoride Saturator (Up-flow) package has been specifically designed & developed for adding fluoride into town water supplies.

ProMinent Fluid Controls Pty Ltd specialises in the supply, installation and commissioning of fluoridation equipment; and has supplied in excess of 65 fluoridation plants over the past 35 years.

Sodium Fluoride has a reliable saturation solubility of 4.05%. By keeping excess sodium fluoride powder in a dissolving tank, a constant 4.05% Sodium Fluoride (NaF) saturated solution is maintained. This is then dosed into the water supply, via a ProMinent® Gamma X Metering Pump, in proportion to the mains 4-20 milliamp flow signal. 

Make-up water to the saturator is controlled by high levels in the solution tank. It flows to the saturator via a down pipe (with air break) and enters via laterals at the base of the tank, slowly rising through the fluoride bed to form a saturated solution, ready for dosing.

An electric stirrer is provided on the saturator tank to allow automatic turn over of the fluoride bed, maybe once a week to ensure full saturation is maintained.

A calibration cylinder is provided to accurately calibrate the metering pump against the dosing conditions and various milli-amp flow signals.

A water softener is required in all circumstances to ensure the water hardness is as low as possible to assist with the longevity of the fluoride bed. Salt levels need to be checked on a weekly basis to ensure that the softening process is being adhered to. The softener is an integral component of this system.

To ensure easy and dust free loading of the 5kg containers, ProMinent® designed and patented a special loader to accept the containers, slice the seal, and allow the Sodium Fluoride granules to dump into the saturator tank.

Prior to removing the bottle, the operator can flush the bottle via the local control panel button; which provides the controls for a 10 second flushing cycle to commence. The bottle can be easily disposed of in the normal plastic recycling.

There is two fill solenoid valves in series and an adjustable flow restrictor/rotameter that reduces the flow into the tank to just enough to keep the tank at a controlled level with the pump dosing at its maximum rate. The mains water enters the tank through a lateral pipe system that sits under the un‐dissolved sodium fluoride powder. The water passes through the fluoride ready for dosing.

Your Benefits

  • ProMinent® Patented Bottle Loader AUS / NZ
  • Spray Nozzle for flushing empty bottle
  • Solenoid Valve for bottle flushing
  • 10 second spray for flushing
  • Dust Free Chemical Transfer
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