ProMinent 5-250 Sodium Fluoride Saturator System


ProMinent’s 5-250 sodium fluoride saturator 

The ProMinent® 5kg Bottle Loader Sodium Fluoride Saturator (Up-flow) package has been specifically designed & developed for adding fluoride into town water supplies.

ProMinent Fluid Controls Pty Ltd specialises in the supply, installation and commissioning of fluoridation equipment; and has supplied in excess of 65 fluoridation plants over the past 35 years.

Sodium Fluoride has a reliable saturation solubility of 4.05%. By keeping excess sodium fluoride powder in a dissolving tank, a constant 4.05% Sodium Fluoride (NaF) saturated solution is maintained. This is then dosed into the water supply, via a ProMinent® Gamma X Metering Pump, in proportion to the mains 4-20 milliamp flow signal. 

Chemical Loading:

  • Chemical stays dry in the bottles.
  • Easy long-term storage of chemical in the supplied bottles.
  • Storage is unaffected by humidity or moisture.
  • Prominent Bottle Loader enables very fast loading of the chemical.
  • Flush jet cleans the bottle before removing it from the bottle loader.
  • Dust becomes wet and drops into the tank.
  • Removed bottles have very little chemical residual, allowing safer handling of the bottles.
  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • Very low dust in room, compared to other systems. 

Tank/Up Flow:

  • Up flow saturator does not require sand or other media, below the fluoride bed.
  • Easier to clean out tank when required. (No sand).
  • External filters to capture undissolved products “outside” of the tank. This extends the time duration between tank cleans.
  • Lateral piping system in the tank to allow for good distribution through the fluoride bed.
  • Visible fill tube to see how the fluoride bed is operating. Provides early warning of possible problems.

Water Softener:

  • A water softener is supplied with the system.
  • Softener removes the “hardness” from the service water. The fluoride bed lasts longer with the “hardness” removed.
  • Automatic regeneration of the water softener does not require intervention by the operator.
  • It is fully integrated into the system. 

Equipment: General

  • Compact system made in modules.
  • Easy to place in the room, especially with restricted space at the room entry.
  • Layout variation possible with modular design, allows for difficult rooms.
  • Easy to wire junction box in each module. Connect with multicore cabling.
  • Only requires 240v 10A single phase power.
  • Does not require compressed air or has any special requirements.
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