ProMinent Chlorine Dioxide System Bello Zon CDEb


Bello Zon CDEb is winning over customers, thanks to its ultra-simple operation and clearly laid out construction. 

A ready-to-use chlorine dioxide system for the continuous production and metering of chlorine dioxide with diluted chemicals. The emphasis is on ultra-simple operation and clearly laid out system design with standard components.
The stroke lengths of the metering pumps are continuously monitored. This rules out inadmissible operating statuses arising from incorrect pump stroke length adjustments.
The system is extremely easy to operate and, alongside a central Start-Stop key, also has colour-differentiated LEDs to display all the operating statuses.
The system can be controlled in an analogue or manual manner or via contacts

Your benefits

  • Minimal training required thanks to extremely simple operation
  • Minimal investment costs
  • Short lead times
  • Excellent operating safety
  • Simple process integration
  • Location-independent system monitoring in real time via the DULCOnneX platform: Improved process reliability. Reliability and transparency due to real-time monitoring, individual alarms and automated reports.
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