ProMinent Chlorine Dioxide System Bello Zon CDLb with Multiple Points of Injection


The modular customised solution for several ClO2 points of injection with only one generation system.

The Bello Zon chlorine dioxide systems for multiple metering are divided into three different concepts designed to respond to specific customer requirements. These concepts are used where several points of injection need to be supplied with ClO2 from a single CIO2 system. Up to 6 points of injection can be selected as standard depending on the chosen concept.

Concept 2 (assembly kit of metering components ready mounted on plate)
This concept consists of two main components, the CDLb system and a metering panel, on which all the metering components are mechanically and, optionally, electrically ready mounted.

Concept 3 (plug and play on stainless steel frame)
This concept consists of a stainless steel frame, on which the BelloZon CDLb system and the metering components are mechanically and electrically mounted in full. There is a stainless steel control cabinet with a main switch that contains the central power supply and control system for all electrical components.

Your Benefits

  • Very easy way to provide several points of injection according to requirements
  • Cost-effective way to provide several points of injection
  • Outstanding operating safety and reliability, thanks to intrinsically safe process control
  • Ultra-simple process integration
  • Location-independent system monitoring in real time via the DULCOnneX platform: Improved process reliability. Reliability and transparency due to real-time monitoring, individual alarms and automated reports.

Field of application:

  • All applications which require more than one point of injection
  • Disinfection in the food and beverage industry. Especially with bottle rinsers, CIP (cleaning in place), bottle washing machine and in fruit/vegetable washing
  • Legionella control and prevention, e.g. in hotels or hospitals (cold and hot water metering)
  • Market gardening: germ-free irrigation and sprinkler irrigation water
  • Treatment of cooling water an potable water
  • Filter disinfection, e.g. in swimming pools
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