ProMinent DULCOFlex - Control - DFXa


A peristaltic pump that brings together the best qualities of ProMinent metering pumps.

ProMinent is making use of its decades-long experience in the metering pump sector to bring together the best of two worlds. Valve-free metering with the accuracy of a diaphragm metering pump, with full use of the properties of a peristaltic pump

Applications for this metering pump include strongly gaseous, high-viscosity, abrasive, shear-sensitive or chemically aggressive fluids.
The liquid end developed and patented by ProMinent makes quick and straightforward hose replacement possible with a unique exchange technique. The display provides the fitter with precise instructions about the steps to be completed when replacing the hose. The high-performance hoses used guarantee exceptional chemical resistance and a long service life. The order information required for replacement of the hose can be found on the pump’s operating menu. The intuitive user interface with click wheel ensures the simple operation of the peristaltic pump.

A brushless direct current motor forms the heart of the DULCO flex Control. Its ingenious control provides for precise metering and reduced pump capacity with continuous metering up to 6 ml/h. Moreover, the new peristaltic metering pump is IoT-enabled, meaning that it is fully networkable and can be connected to the DULCOnneX platform especially developed by ProMinent, which enables it to work even smarter.

Your benefits

  • Adjustment of the metering rate directly in l/h or gph
  • Simple hose change
  • No problems with very gaseous media or air locks
  • Suitable for viscosities of up to 200,000 mPas
  • Sole contact with media in the hose
  • Many different control options, such as using an analogue 0/4-20 mA signal, contact controller, timer or via process control systems
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