ProMinent DULCO®Flex Control - DFYa


The new metering pump DFYa, the big brother of the DFXa, adds an intelligent peristaltic pump to the top capacity range of the ProMinent portfolio.
The new generation of peristaltic metering pumps is now controlled electronically. It meters without the need for a valve, with precision hitherto impossible. All the benefits of a peristaltic pump are retained, which is why seriously gaseous, high-viscosity, abrasive or shear-sensitive fluids, sometimes containing particles, can also be perfectly metered with the DFYa.
As with the DFXa, hose replacement on the DFYa is also assisted by the pump. When the hose needs to be changed, the pump displays exact instructions for the steps to be followed and automatically moves into the correct positions for hose replacement. The different hose materials (NR, NBR, NBR-A, EPDM Hypalon) enable the DFYa to work with a very wide range of media to be metered.
The peristaltic pump DFYa is simple to operate from the intuitive user interface with 4 keys and the click wheel. The DFYa thus joins the remaining ProMinent product range of intelligent metering pumps, which all share the same menu structure and user interface.
The new peristaltic metering pump is even IoT-capable. This means that it is fully connectible and can be connected to ProMinent’s in-house developed DULCOnneX platform, which enables it to work even smarter.

Your Benefits

  • Operation by contact, batch, manual, analogue or BUS control
  • Adjustment of the metering rate directly in l/h
  • Connection to process control systems via a BUS interface, such as PROFIBUS®, Profinet or CANbus
  • No problems with very gaseous media or air locks
  • Simple, menu-guided hose change
  • Reversible direction of rotation
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