ProMinent Dulcometer Fluoride Analyser


The DULCOMETER fluoride meter is a potentiometric meter which uses an ion selective electrode (ISE) and a reference electrode to deliver a measurement signal in mV. The expertise of the newly developed fluoride ISE lies in the physical chemical characteristics of the LaF3 crystals and the ion electrolytes which permit long-term stable and continuous measurement without additional use of special conditioning chemicals. Photometric measurement-based calibration is necessary only when commissioning and at occasional intervals. The typical and only use of our fluoride meter is for continuous monitoring at waterworks in which fluoride is metered for the prevention of tooth decay. Installation conditions for the fluoride electrode. 

Technical Data:

  • Measurement range: 0.05... 10mg/l fluoride
  • ph range: 5.5... 8.5
  • Temperature range: 0-355°C
  • Max operating pressure: 1 bar
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