ProMinent Electrolysis System CHLORINSITU® III Compact


Chlorine produced from common salt. Directly on site.

Electrolysis system type CHLORINSITU® III Compact produce a disinfectant based on active chlorine. A saturated solution of sodium chloride is produced in a salt-dissolving tank, included in the scope of delivery, and this solution is then electrolysed in a diaphragm cell. Sodium hydroxide and hydrogen are produced in the cathode chamber while ultra-pure active chlorine and a diluted residual brine are produced in the anode chamber, separated by the diaphragm from the cathode chamber. The active chlorine produced forms sodium hypochlorite with a concentration of approx. 25 g/l in the reactor with the sodium hydroxide produced. The hydrogen generated is discharged to the fresh air through a bleed line. The salt-dissolving water comes from the integrated softener, preventing the formation of lime deposits and ensuring the long service life of the electrolysis systems of type CHLORINSITU® III Compact are especially suitable for use with smaller swimming pools in residential properties and hotels (indoor pools with a total circulation capacity of up to 40 m3/hour, chlorinated in accordance with the DIN standard).

Your Benefits

  • Sodium hypochlorite solution low in chloride and chlorate with a high chlorine concentration (25 g/l free chlorine)
  • Minimal acid consumption for pH correction, enabling savings of up to 70%
  • Cost-effective operation, thanks to the use of sodium chloride as an inexpensive raw material and minimal chemical consumption for pH adjustment
  • Robust, simple technology
  • Compact space-saving design, ready-mounted on a wall panel
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