ProMinent Electrolysis System CHLORINSITU V Plus


Chlorine produced from cooking salt. Directly on site. For clean and safe disinfection, which covers peaks in demand. 

Electrolysis systems of type CHLORINSITU V Plus generate ultra-pure chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide solution free of chloride as required and on site. The disinfection solution is produced in a vacuum process from safe raw materials (salt and water); no dangerous chemicals have to be transported or stored.

The ultra-pure disinfection solution contains only minimal quantities of chloride and chlorate - yet is highly effective and safe.

Function with an added extra

A saturated sodium chloride solution that is electrolysed in a membrane cell is produced in a salt-dissolving tank. Ultra-pure chlorine gas and diluted residual brine are produced in the anode chamber as part of this process. The chlorine gas produced is suctioned off through an injector (vacuum system) and is fully dissolved as hypochlorous acid in the water being treated. The chlorinated water can be used to disinfect several pools via one or more controllable motor-driven ball valves. The residual brine is discarded.

The Plus system

What makes the CHLORINSITU V Plus electrolysis systems so special is that surplus chlorine gas is combined with the sodium hydroxide solution produced and then temporarily stored as sodium hypochlorite (Plus system). Peaks in demand are covered by the additional dosing of sodium hypochlorite from the temporary storage. As a result, the system does not have to be designed for the maximum chlorine gas demand rather on the basis of average daily demand. This allows our customers to respond quickly and flexibly should demand rise sharply at certain times.

Metering takes place via a central injector system, as with hypochlorous acid. What’s more the chloride-free sodium hydroxide solution can be stored temporarily and used for pH correction. 

Your Benefits

  • Chlorination and pH adjustment with a single system
  • Exceedingly low chloride and chlorate content
  • Reservoir of sodium hypochlorite solution to cover peak demand
  • Production and metering of high-purity hypochlorous acid combined with sodium hypochlorite production
  • Excellent service life of the membrane cells, thanks to a constant vacuum
  • Maximum operating safety due to their design as negative pressure systems
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