ProMinent Electrolysis System DULCOLyse


Innovative disinfection. The benefits for you: Minimum chlorate and chloride content.

Electrolysis systems of the type DULCOLyse generate ultra-pure hypochlorous acid in a vacuum process. A saturated solution of sodium chloride is produced in a salt-dissolving tank, included in the scope of delivery, and this solution is then electrolysed in a diaphragm cell. Chloride-free sodium hydroxide solution and hydrogen are produced in the cathode chamber, while ultra-pure chlorine gas and dilute residual brine are produced in the anode chamber, separated by the diaphragm from the cathode chamber. The chlorine gas produced is immediately separated from the residual brine and dissolved as hypochlorous acid. The sodium hydroxide solution is temporarily stored and added to hypochlorous acid through a metering pump. The result is a neutral, highly effective and extremely low-chloride and low-chlorate disinfection solution, temporarily stored in the product tank until metered through separate metering stations. The hydrogen produced is diluted with fresh air by a fan and discharged safely. The diluted residual brine is fully discarded. To this end, the diluted brine is heavily diluted with softened water, neutralised by the addition of sodium hydroxide solution and disposed of in the sewer. Any residual chloride and chlorate is thereby disposed of and not mixed with the process water. DULCOLyse systems can thus be compared with pure chlorine gas in terms of their oxidation strength and chloride and chlorate content in the process water. The salt dissolving water comes from a softening system integrated in the DULCOLyse system, thereby preventing the formation of lime deposits and ensuring the long service life of the electrolytic cell.

Your Benefits

  • Ultra-low chlorate content for disinfection with minimal by-products
  • Extremely low chloride content for maximum protection and freedom from corrosion within the plant
  • Environmentally-friendly, highly effective disinfection
  • Long-term freedom from germs, without any transport, storage or handling of concentrated chemicals
  • Handling of chemicals is reduced (only sodium chloride is required)hlorine in seawater meters
  • Compact, space-saving design
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