ProMinent Flow Cell BAMa


Modular sensor bypass armature BAMa: flexible process connection of all ProMinent sensors for water treatment.

Depending on the application, the modular bypass armature can be selected in different variants:

For saving sample water: This variant of the BAMa allows all flow-dependent sensors in the 5...25 l/h range to be operated for clear water. This is very beneficial for applications, where sample water cannot or must not be returned to the process, e.g. drinking water monitoring or product water during the manufacture of beverages.

For process water which is clear or has low levels of solids where the sample water is returned to the process: This design can be operated between 20...60 l/h as a result of which self-cleaning of armatures and sensors is improved. Typical applications include water treatment processes in the pool & wellness sector.

For process water which has moderate levels of solids and / or for higher temperatures and / or pressure requirements: This BAMa configuration is designed for operation with flows of 20...100 l/h and is ideally suited for many applications, e.g. in industrial water treatment.

The modular bypass armature BAMa and its various components can be perfectly combined for individual sample water conditioning. Additionally, a flow controller can be installed as well as can components for taking and treating sample water, such as a filter, flow limiter, metering module, ventilation, potential equalisation and earthing. For amperometric sensors without diaphragm, an integrated hydrodynamic cleaning unit can be ordered.

Your Benefits:

  • The sensors can quickly and easily fitted and dismantled thanks to bayonet fittings.
  • All parts required maintenance can be cleaned easily as they can be accessed without tools.
  • Water consumption is minimised to just 5 l/h for flow dependent sensors under ideal measurement conditions.
  • The good particle mobility allows the bypass armature to be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Construction and material permit temperatures of up to 70 °C at a max pressure of 3 bar, making it even more flexible to use. 
  • Thanks to higher pressure levels of up to 7 bar at 20 °C, sample water can return to the process, where permitted. 
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