ProMinent Flow Cell


Modular bypass fitting Flow Cell: flexible process connection of all ProMinent sensors for water treatment

The bypass fitting Flow Cell is used for the simple installation of online sensors that are used to determine the substances contained in water in water treatment (such as chlorine, pH, conductivity). The Flow Cell enables quick calibration and maintenance of these sensors.

The modular Flow Cell is installed in the bypass of the main process line.

The water to be measured reaches the Flow Cell through the bypass line and flows through the various sensor modules. The measuring water can be discharged from the sensor modules into the wastewater or, if the regulations as well as the specifications of the Flow Cell and the installed components allow it, be fed back into the process.

Your Benefits:

  • Saving of water consumption to 5 l/h in the special version for e.g. drinking water and other applications with the need to minimize operating costs.
  • Max. Operating pressure up to 7 bar (at 20 °C) and maximum operating temperature up to 70 °C (at 3 bar), each in the version for higher temperature and pressure applications.
  • Particle mobility up to 1 mm diameter.
  • Self-cleaning sensor and removal of gas bubbles due to the optimised flow geometry.
  • Bayonet fittings for the fast and easy assembly / dismantling of sensors.
  • Quick and easy removal. Replacement of modules without tools and all parts requiring maintenance are very easy to clean.


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