ProMinent Nanofiltration System Dulcosmose NF


Partial desalination for industrial applications - compact and cost-effective

Equipped with the latest generation of "ultra low-pressure" membranes, this system achieves maximum permeate performance with low operating pressures and high outputs, thereby lowering investment and operating costs.

As the system runs with low operating pressures, the entire system can be fitted with inexpensive PVC pipework. This system is also available with an integral, semi-automated cleaning system and permeate and/or raw water flushing option.

The system can easily be adapted to meet specific customer requirements. Pipework material, other types of membrane for enhanced salt retention or discolouration, integration of measuring and control technology (such as conductivity, redox potential or pH measurement) and metering technology (in pre - and post-treatment) to visualisation of the entire process with peripheral components on a PLC.

Your Benefits

  • Efficient operation with a low pressure membrane with outputs of up to 85% and high salt retention rates of up to 90% (depending on the type of membrane used)
  • Reduced maintenance and service costs, as well as long membrane service lives, thanks to integrated cleaning concepts and flushing options.
  • Optional permeate flushing of the entire system, including the membranes, after switching off to avoid deposits and extend the life of the membranes.
  • Best ProMinent manufacturing quality: High proportion of in-house manufacturing.
  • Pure quality: Use of long-life, high-quality components.
  • Service-friendly construction of systems on a corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel or stainless steel frame.
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