ProMinent ORP probe RHEK Pt - SE


Reliable online measurement of ORP – with DULCOTEST sensors

Our product line of DULCOTEST ORP electrodes provides a wide range of sensors for different measuring tasks. The field of application covers everything from simpler water treatment tasks to industrial process waters with more stringent requirements in terms of temperature, pressure, contamination tolerance and chemical resistance.

The production of our electrodes is subject to very strict quality controls. Routine steps are automated but critical steps are carried out manually under expert supervision. In this way we achieve the best reproducible quality and cost reduction.

ORP potential is a measured variable that quantifies the presence of oxidants or reducing agents in a medium under specific conditions on a non-selective basis. Measuring this parameter is relatively inexpensive, but does have some drawbacks: no selective measurement of a specific oxidant / reducing agent, high dependence on pH, measuring signal tends towards a saturation curve as concentration increases. To measure specific reducing agents and oxidants selectively, without the above disadvantages, suitable amperometric sensors are used (e.g. chlorine sensors).

Your Benefits:

  • Electrochemical combination electrode: ORP and reference electrode integrated
  • Diaphragm and reference system optimised for use in swimming pools and for potable water
  • With plastic shaft to prevent glass breakage
  • Mechanical protection of the glass diaphragm
  • Ceramic diaphragm with special material, optimised size and optimised pore diameter
  • Long service life due to reduced diffusion ("bleeding") of the electrolyte 
  • Long service life due to material, which is inert to aggressive disinfectants
  • Stable reference system 
  • Lead-free glass for advanced and environmentally-friendly production, use and disposal (RoHS-complaint)


  • Temperature: 0…60 °C
  • Max. pressure: 3.0 bar
  • Min. conductivity: 150 µS/cm
  • Electrolyte: Gel containing potassium chloride
  • ORP Electrode: Platinum
  • Diaphragm: Ceramic 


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