ProMinent Ozone System OZONFILT OZMa


Powerful and yet environmentally-friendly. Disinfect and oxidise ecologically and economically.

The ozone systems OZONFILT OZMa have been designed as pressurised systems, in which the operating gas – air or oxygen – is fed into the ozone generator under pressure. Air is used as the operating gas in the ozone system Ozonfilt OZMaA types 1 to 6

The ozone is generated from the oxygen in the ambient air and simultaneously metered. A demand-led, self-optimising pressure swing dryer reduces the consumption of compressed air to a minimum. Ozone can therefore be generated operationally safely and reliably even with a high level of ambient air humidity with ozone concentrations of up to 20 g/Nm3. Ozone concentrations of between 3 and 12 ppm can be achieved in the water to be treated with suitable mixing units, depending on the temperature. Oxygen is used as the operating gas in the ozone system Ozonfilt OZMaO type 1 to 6

Operation with oxygen permits ozone generation with ozone concentrations of up to 150 g/Nm3. Depending on the system type, ozone is produced in 1-3 generators from oxygen provided from special oxygen generators or bottles. Using the suitable mixing equipment, ozone concentrations of up to 90 ppm can be achieved in the water to be treated, depending on the temperature.

Your Benefits

  • Economical: maintenance-free generator concept with virtually unlimited service life
  • Up to 30% energy savings for air treatment, thanks to demand-controlled and self-optimising air drying compared to conventional air treatment.
  • Automatic control of the operating gas depending on the ozone output, therefore reduced consumption of operating gas produced with intensive use of energy.
  • High ozone concentration ensures optimum ozone solubility in water
  • Direct injection without injector system at up to 2 bar back pressure
  • Location-independent system monitoring in real time via the DULCOnneX platform: Improved process reliability. Reliability and transparency due to real-time monitoring, individual alarms and automated reports.Online zero chlorine meter
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