ProMinent Reverse Osmosis System Dulcosmose SW


Salt water is transformed into drinking water.

A reverse osmosis system of type of SW has PVC pipework on the low-pressure side. The high-pressure side of the system has a potable water-compatible, highly corrosion-resistant inner seal due to the high NaCI content. The integrated semi-automatic cleaning system with permeate and/or raw water flushing ensures exceptionally long membrane service lives, as scaling and fouling effects are minimised. The system can be adapted with ease to specific customer requirements. Pipework material, other types of membrane for enhanced salt retention, integration of measuring and control technology and metering technology to visualisation of the entire process with peripheral components via a PLC. Everything can be selected at random. Optional for all systems: They can be fitted with a system for energy recovery from the concentrate flow. The latest generation of what are known as pressure controllers is used.

Your Benefits

  • Integrated energy recovery system based on state-of-the-art pressure controllers
  • Efficient operation with low pressure membranes with outputs of up to 50% and high salt retention rates of up to over 99%
  • Reduced maintenance and service costs as well as long membrane service lives, thanks to integrated cleaning concepts and flushing options
  • Service-friendly construction of systems on a corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel or stainless steel frame
  • Chlorine in seawater meters
  • Simple and safe to operate: Central control of the entire system by microprocessor controller or industrial PLC with touch panel and process visualisation
  • Application-optimised design taking into account economic aspects, such as the durability of the membranes, energy efficiency and process automation
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