ProMinent Series 900 Gas Chlorine Vacuum Regulator


The Toughest vacuum regulator in the world

Safety is the highest concern for Chemfeed, which helps set us apart from the competition. The Series 900 rugged design and highest quality machined parts maximise safety by preventing cracks and minimising corrosion. For maximum durability and corrosion resistance the inlet adaptors are constructed of Hastelloy-C and our yoke assemblies are protected with the finest Epoxy Powder Coating.
Prior to shipping, skilled technicians follow a rigorous testing procedure for each and every vacuum regulator with chlorine or sulphur dioxide gas. Each Series 900 Vacuum Regulator is equipped with an integrally designed safety relief 'vent' valve to immediately direct any leaking gas to a safe location.

Your Benefits

  • Solid Machined PVC Construction
  • Hastelloy-C Inlet Adaptors
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Built in Vent Valve
  • Automatic Changeover
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