ProMinent Sodium Fluoride Vacuum Loader Saturator System


ProMinents Sodium Silicofluoride packages can be supplied with a vacuum loader for 25 kg bags or with 1000 kg bulky bag unloaders either with vacuum transfer or crane, hoist and conveyor feed.

ProMinent’s vacuum loader saturator system comes skid mounted for ease of installation complete with overflow, drain, calibration cylinder, isolation valves, metering pump(s) and water softener. The vacuum loader is especially designed for transfer of sodium fluoride granules from 25 kg bags to the solution tank. It is mounted on the saturator and comes complete with dust extractor, flexible hose and suction wand.

Loading with Vacuum Bulk Bag Unloader

We offer a vacuum unloader to transfer from the top of the bulk bag. There is an inbuilt dust collector and a continuous vacuum seal at the bag outlet to eliminate any dust escape. Package comes with bag trolley and pneumatic lift to assist with complete emptying of the bag.

Loading with Crane & Hoist Bag Unloader

We offer an unloader with electrically operated crane and hoist controlled via a hand held push button pendant, for lifting the bags and
placing them in position. A double wall dust tight sealed clamp connection, secures the bulk bag bottom outlet. A ‘power closer’ is included to allow bag closure during the emptying process if required. At the base of the loader is an intermediate hopper from where the powder is conveyed to the day hopper, via a motor driven spiral conveyor. As an alternate to the electric hoist we can supply a unit where the bags are lifted into position using a fork lift. Exhaust from he dust collector is piped outside to a water trap tank

Packages are normally supplied as constant transfer with variable solution strength, but can be supplid a a 2-tank systm as constant solution strength and vary the injection rate. This system is ideal for rapidly changing flow rates or for dealing with multiple injection points using the one make-up package.

Your Benefits

  • Hopper that has at least 72 hours capacity
  • Hopper support frame and base
  • Vacuum loader to easily unload 25 kg bags or 1000 kg bulk bags
  • Powder feeder flow paced from mA signal
  • Solution tank (or tanks) for continuous or batch in PE or Stainless steel
  • Transfer pump(s), DULCOflex® tube or Spectra® progressive cavity pump
PDF Click here to download the Prominent Sodium Fluoride Saturator System brochure


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