ProMinent Ultrafiltration System Dulcoclean UF


Pure, crystal-clear potable water at all times

The ultrafiltration system Dulcoclean UF is used in water treatment to separate the finest particles and turbidity. The membranes provides a sterile barrier, so that bacteria, parasites and viruses are safely removed from the water – even with fluctuating water quality, as can occur after heavy rainfall. The quality of the filtrate remains consistently good! In potable water treatment, the filtration process is ideally used before final disinfection.

In regular cycles, back washes are performed to prevent blockages in the modules. Cleaning is supported by the addition of chemicals, where necessary, and adapted to the raw water quality present.

Your Benefits

  • Very high retention rates for bacteria and viruses (based on MS2 phages) of 99.999% and/or 99.99%
  • Minimal consumption of energy and water by economical dead-end operation
  • Maximum operational reliability due to fully automated system control with PLC and data storage and by user-friendly touch panel with clear process visualisation
  • All relevant events are recorded electronically for system optimisation and can be easily evaluated.
  • Constant filtrate output and efficient back flushing by speed-controlled filtration and backwash pumps
  • Complete solutions with perfectly coordinated pre- and post-treatment and waste water treatmentOnline zero chlorine meter
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