ProMinent pH probe PHEI 112 - SE


pH measurements with DULCOTEST sensors: Precise, reliable and application-adapted measured values in real time. Control, regulate and monitor chemical processes with the aid of precise measured values.

The online measurement and adjustment of pH values must be as accurate, fast and reliable as possible and provide good availability of the measured values, be it for the monitoring, control or regulation of chemical processes.

Our product line of DULCOTEST pH sensors provides a wide range of pH sensors for different measuring tasks.

Our pH sensors are manufactured to very strict quality controls (e.g. in accordance with RoHS guidelines). Routine steps are automated but critical steps are carried out manually under expert supervision. In this way we achieve the best reproducible quality and cost reduction.

Your Benefits:

  • Solid high-grade plastic housing with integrated process connection for direct installation in the process with ½" and ¾" NPT thread
  • Large dirt-repellent Teflon diaphragm protects against unwanted blocking of the reference
  • Double junction reference system for stability with chemically polluted water
  • Large electrolyte reservoir for long service lives


  • pH-range: 1...12
  • Temperature: 0...80 °C
  • Max. pressure: 6.0 bar
  • Min. conductivity:  50 µS/cm
  • Electrolyte: Gel containing potassium chloride with a large KCI reservoir of gel
  • Diaphragm: PTFE ring diaphragm  


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