ProMinents DULCO Turb C


Reliable on-line measurement of turbidity with DULCOTEST DULCO turb C measuring points

The DULCOTEST measuring points for turbidity in the DULCO turb C range with versions TUC 1, TUC 2, TUC 3, TUC 4, TUC 5 & TUC 6 are compact online turbidity measuring points, consisting of a sensor, inline flow fitting and measuring device. The measuring device permits the measured value to be displayed, calibration, transmission of the measured value via a 4-20 mA signal and the indication of limit value transgressions and device faults. The measuring cuvette integrated in the measuring device enable the device to operate in the bypass of the process line. The visual measuring unit does not come into contact with the sample medium.

The intended application is the treatment of potable water, with the DULCO turb C able to be used in all treatment stages of raw water, from filter monitoring to measurement of fine turbidity in dispensed potable water. It is also possible to monitor the turbidity of slightly contaminated process water and waste water, as well as treated water from the food and beverage industry up to a turbidity value of 1,000 NTU. Compared with the TUC 1/TUC 2, the TUC 3 / TUC 4 measuring stations include an ultrasound-based self-cleaning function. This helps in particular to extend the service intervals particularly when used with the types of water that form films.

The measuring principle is identical to light scatter measurements. The light beam that is beamed into the measuring cuvette filled with sample water is dispersed on turbidity particles and the scattered light is measured at right angles (90°) to the beamed in light (Nephelometric measurement). The measuring unit for the turbidity measurement can be given as NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit) or as FNU (Formazin Nephelometric Unit). The measuring process of types TUC 1/TUC 3 (infrared light) corresponds to the globally applicable standard ISO 7027 and the European Standard DIN EN 27027. The measuring process of types TUC 2/TUC 4 (white light) corresponds to the US American standard USEPA 180.1.


Your Benefits:

  • Compact turbidity measuring station with integrated sensor, flow cuvette and measuring instrument saves space and is simple to install and operate.
  • High dynamic measuring range between 0.02 and 1,000 NTU permits broad-based use in all stages of potable water treatment. Also ideal for monitoring waste water from clarification plants and for monitoring ruptures with filters.
  • Short response times thanks to small-volume measuring cuvette.
  • Long-term stable measurements, even in contaminated water, by the optional ultrasonic cleaning of the measuring cuvette.
  • Fast and simple calibration on site by optionally available, pre-assembled and time-stable calibration standards.


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