ProSat - Vac Fluoride Saturator & Dosing System


15 MLD - Vacuum Loading System. Provides a safe & economic way of dosing fluoride into your water supply with ProMinents Vacuum Loading System. To ensure dust free loading of 25kg sodium fluoride bags. 

Equipment: General

  • Compact system made in modules.
  • Easy to place in the room, especially with restricted space.
  • Layout variation possible with modular design, allows for difficult rooms. 
  • Easy to wire junction box in each module. Connect with multicore cabling. 
  • One system can operate over a large flow range. This allows the system to be upgraded to larger flow rates in the future. 
  • Lower waste generated and easier cleaning.
  • Latest modern design made to be very efficient.
  • This system is suitable for 0.15 to 15ML/day. 
PDF Click here to download the ProSat - Vac Flyer


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