Radar Level Sensor DULCOLEVEL


With the new radar level sensor DULCOLEVEL, your chemical management is child's play. DULCOLEVEL makes it easier for you to manage your chemical stock levels. ProMinent’s measuring range covers tank volumes of between 30 and 1500 litres (IBCs) or any tanks with a maximum height of 15 metres, with a precision of ±5 mm.

The sensor can be seamlessly integrated into your existing metering system. This is particularly easy with a tank and a metering pump from ProMinent. With the mobile app, you can see the liquid level and all the data you need instantly even when working remotely. The Bluetooth connection means you don't need any additional cables, making retrofitting in existing applications simple and inexpensive.  

DULCOLEVEL also increases your operator safety. The measurements and sensor configuration are contactless, there is no contact with hazardous media. The measuring range covers tank volumes from 30 litres to 1500 litres (IBCs).

Your Benefits:

  • Seamless integration with ProMinent systems and ProMinent pumps (currently gamma/X - later gamma/ XL, DULCOFLEX DFXa, sigma/ X)
  • Easy retrofitting into existing Brown Field applications
  • Pump and tank values can be accessed worldwide via a secure IOT platform (DULCONNEX)
  • Fulfilment of all compliance standards through 24/7 report on used media (DULCONNEX)
PDF Click here to download the DULCOLEVEL brochure
PDF Click here to download the DULCOLEVEL operating instructions


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