SP200 pH Glass 12 mm ProcessProbe™


Glass Body Sensors with PG13.5 Threads

The SP Series ProcessProbe™ electrodes are available for pH and Redox measurements. The SP Series electrodes are 12 mm x 120 mm with a threaded PG13.5 cap. These dimensions make them compatible with many pre-existing housings found in industrial and waste treatment applications. Like all ProcessProbes™, these electrodes are designed to work with Broadley-James transmitters and most other brands of existing instruments and cables.

The Double Junction Reference system used in all Broadley-James’ ProcessProbes™ reliably prevents process contaminants from fouling the reference. Since the reference is sealed, there is no electrolyte maintenance required. 

Applications: In-Line & Submersion (with a housing) 

Click here to download the SP200 pH Glass 12 mm ProcessProbe™ brochure 


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