Sodium Silicofluoride (SSF) Feeder System


Plant Size 15 - 40 ML/day. The ProMinent Silicofluoride Vacuum Load Preparation and Transfer System is variable concentration, constant transfer system; designed to maintain a constant level of fluoride in the fresh water being processed by the water treatment plant. 


  • Typical Installation - 15 - 40 ML/day
  • The Sodium Silicofluoride is stored in 25kg bags and transferred to a storage hopper via the Vacuum Loader Assembly located at the top of the 180 - 500 Litre 316 Stainless Steel Hopper, depending on storage requirements. The hopper rests on top of the 3 - 4 load cells with the weight transmitted to the local control panel for viewing. 
  • The ProMinent Vacuum Loader is fitted with positively actuated valves on hose inlet and dump valve system of alternate suppliers. These positively closing valves eliminate the chance of inadvertent:
    • Blowback down suction lance
    • Blowing dust out of hopper if inspection opening is open during loading
  • A mechanical feeder that feeds the powder into the LDPE solution tank, where it is mixed with the make-up water to produce variable solution strength proportional to the main plant flow and continually mixed via a slow speed stirrer mounted on top of the solution tank. 
  • A ProMinent Meta Diaphragm Metering Pump acts as the transfer pump depending on capacities. These pumps are operated at fixed speed and are economical to repair with minimal cost implications like progressive cavity or peristaltic tube pumps. If your capacity exceeds a certain capacity, you may need to look at a ProMinent Spectra Progressive Cavity Pump or a ProMinent Dulcoflex Peristaltic Pump. 
  • There are 2 switches on the side of our control panel to stimulate loss of flow and loss of 4 - 20 mA. The addition of these switches assists with the commissioning of the fluoride saturator and yearly maintenance checks. These have been added as part of our Fluoride Systems. 
  • All our fluoride panels can be supplied with either a Mimic Panel as shown or a full HMI interface, depending on client preferences. 
  • Please also note that all fluoride systems (with the exception of the 5kg) come with a vent trap to ensure chemical does not siphon to atmosphere via the vacuum pump during the vacuum loading process. 
PDF Click here to download the SSF Flyer


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