Streaming Current Monitor – StreamerSense


The Streaming Current Monitor can be used as an effective feedback coagulation control tool allowing the operator to optimise the coagulation dose, effectively building a coagulation analyser.

The coagulation analyser uses streaming current measurement to maintain proper electrokinetic charge (ionic & colloidal) in the treated water. Effectively, it responds to changes in raw water characteristics (turbidity, colour, pH, etc.) and flow rates. This allows the operator, or an automated control device, to make the necessary coagulant feed adjustments in order to continuously maintain the optimum dosage. In some water treatment facilities the water chemistry is such that the coagulation analyser on its own is insufficient to properly control coagulation and in these applications the coagulation analyser (streaming current monitor) can be enhanced with UV254 measurement, turbidity measurement and pH measurement to create a multi-sensor coagulation control system.

Your Benefits

  • Immediate response to process changes in coagulation treatment – coagulation monitor
  • Maintain high quality finished water through improved coagulation control – coagulation controller
  • Reduce coagulant/polymer costs – coagulant analyser
  • Automate dosing coagulant/polymer dosing using the streaming current monitor – coagulant control
  • Ensure coagulation reliability – coagulant analyser
  • Improve filter performance and coagulation treatment – coagulation controller
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