TOMAL AB Pneumatic Conveying System


TOMAL AB Pneumatic Conveying System

Tomal AB manufactures pneumatic conveying systems and feeding equipment for powders and granulates.
Typical applications incorporating Tomal AB feeders are pneumatic conveying systems for flue gas cleaning, where different chemicals are injected into the flue gas.
Common chemicals are lime, limestone, sodium bicarbonate, activated carbon and recirculated lime.
The plants are mainly delivered turn-key from our workshop in Sweden and include silos or big bag unloaders.

Your Benefits

  • Tomals multiscrew feeders provide high accuracy
  • The feeder screws are designed to create a plug in the outlet of the feeder. This enables feeding into a slight over pressure without the conveying air returning through the feeder
  • An injector minimises the pressure at the feeder outlet
  • Side channel blowers are used with adjustable flow rates
  • Conveying pipe can be rubber hose or rigged pipe
  • Armatures allow for regulation and control
  • Reliable pneumatic conveying with adjustable flow control
  • Turnkey delivery assures clear delivery limits and cost effective pricing
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