Tomal® Big Bag Emptying Unit


Emptying made simple!

Tomal® Big Bag Emptying Units are designed for use with both disposable and returnable sacks. When used with disposable bags, the emptying unit is equipped with pyramid blades; when used with reusable bags it is equipped with a flap. The Big Bags are suspended in the frame with the aid of a lifting cross bar. The discharge funnel is matched to the bag size used. A special rubber seal ensures minimum dust formation. A vibrator is used as a discharge aid and is controlled by the empty level signaler below the outlet. Used in conjunction with the TOMAL® Multi-Screw Feeder, it permits the discharging and metering of free-flowing or poorly-flowing bulk goods.

Features & Benefits

  • Frame 1,570 x 1,300 x 2,540 mm (WxLxH). The height can be adjusted up to 2,040 mm
  • Powder storage tank with powder filling probe, 30-litre content
  • Discharge funnels available for various bag sizes
  • Tomal ® multi-screw feeder for reliable emptying of Big Bags and accurate metering
  • Pyramid blades for disposable bags, alternatively flap for use with reusable bags
  • Rubber seal for minimisation of dust
  • Vibrator as discharge aid, controlled by the empty level signaler under the outlet
  • Lifting equipment comprising lifting cross for forklift, alternatively manual or electrical traveling crane
  • Hygienic Big Bag emptying for dust-free operation
  • Dust extraction filter
  • Complete electrical system
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